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how do we capture all the colourful goodness? We only work with the best produce in the region transforming it into delicious, high quality products for people who want to experience the true taste of the tropics.

How we do it

Our company's expertise lies in the production and creation of premium tropical food and beverages. The use of specialised technology in the process allows us to preserve all the taste and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. High Pressure Processing (HPP) uses very high levels of pressure to kill the bacteria without affecting the taste, smell, colour and most of all, the nutritional quality of the product. This is how the best of two worlds meet: technology and tastefulness of the tropic.

We work closely with our sister company Capricho who has 38 years of experience in the fruit sourcing process in the Dominican Republic. Our partnership means that we control the entire process from the farm to the puree, ensuring only the best fruits are used for our products.


social responsibility

the way we choose to live



no man is an island and we believe passionately in working together to help improve our communities for all. as such, TROPICSOUL sources from more than 90 local farmers in the Dominican Republic.

These are family owned micro businesses that benefit directly from our business, providing an incredible opportunity to generate growth, prosperity and security in the poorest regions of the country. All of our fruits and vegetables are ethically grown by farmers with as much passion for the land as for the produce.

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Banana farmer Dominican Republic
Dominican local guava farmer

we americas

Women Entrepreneurs of the Americas



Tropicsoul CEO and Co-founder Estefany Marte-Bäckman is passionate about empowering women, and their potential for entrepreneurship. This is what permeates her daily life and work, and get her up at 5am every morning...

Estefany Marte Backman


She sits on the Board of Directors of the international non-profit organization WE Americas (Network of Women Entrepreneurs of the Americas) as Strategic Manager. Through her blog Somos de Marte, Estefany has dedicated herself to help and mentor women throughout the country by sharing her experience and giving them the tools to educate themselves and to become more independent.

read more about estefany's work here

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The real thing - I have not tasted any better juice for a long time!
Malin Hammar,

Tropic Flavours

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, a clue as to why we do what we do can be found here.. in paradise.

We love our islands, our people, our weather, produce and way of life. And we have a passion to share that colour and taste around the world. So here are some flavourful snapshots of our home here in the Dominican Republic.

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