What is your shipping policy?

We ship our lovely smoothies all around the world, safely and quickly to make sure they reach you in tip top condition!

How do I order wholesale? / BECOME A STOCKIST?

Please get in touch with us through our country specific contact pages and we'll get straight back to.


Absolutely! They ONLY contain fresh, pure topical fruits, 100% fruit.


why don't you use orange or apple and only tropical fruits?

Many smoothies makers water down their smoothies by using orange or apple to stretch them further, and which have less nutritious value than the tropical fruits we use, 

where does the fruit come from?

from our local fruit farmers across the Dominican Republic and surrounding islands.

when do you harvest the fruit?

When it is at its juiciest and ripest!

do you use preservatives?

We add nothing at all - except pure, delicious, freshly harvested tropical fruit. We keep our smoothies fresh by using the HPP process which seals all this goodness in without the need for any added chemicals.

how long do your smoothies keep once bottled?

Between 6-8 weeks.

Are all your bottles recyclable?

Yes! So Please make sure you add them to the right coloured bin!