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guava goodness

with a unique falvour and fragrance, guava also contains a powerhouse of nutrients and numerous health benefits...



vitamin packed!

Guava-fruit is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin-C. 100 g fresh fruit provides 228 mg of this vitamin, more than three times the required DRI (daily-recommended intake). the flesh just underneath its thick outer rind contains exceptionally higher levels of vitamin-C than its inner creamy pulp. We capture all of this goodness for our smoothies.

Scientific studies suggest that regular consumption of fruits rich in vitamin-C help the human body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge cancer causing harmful free radicals from the body. Furthermore, it is essential for collagen synthesis within the body. Collagen is one of the chief structural proteins in the human body necessary for maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, skin, organs, and bones.

Guavas are a very good source of Vitamin-A, and flavonoids like beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and cryptoxanthin. The compounds are known to have antioxidant properties and therefore essential for optimum health. They are also critical to maintaining good eye health and healthy mucosa and skin. Consumption of natural fruits rich in carotene is known to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.

These magical little fruits are also a source of B-complex vitamins such as pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin E and K, as well as minerals like magnesium, copper, and manganese. The human body uses manganese as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. Copper is required for the healthy production of red blood cells.


healthy heart

Guava's potassium content matches that of a banana and potassium's primary functions in the body include regulating fluid balance and controlling the electrical activity of the heart and other muscles. Potassium is an electrolyte that counteracts the effects of sodium, helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure. It is also important for maintaining acid-base balance.

By improving the sodium and potassium balance in the body, it regulates blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Guavas also help lower the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL), which contribute to the development of heart disease. This magical fruit improves levels of the good cholesterol (HDL).


high fibre

The fruit is a very rich source of soluble dietary fibre (5.4 g per 100 g of fruit, about 14% of DRA), which makes it a good bulk laxative. The fibre content helps protect the colon mucosa by decreasing exposure time to toxins as well as binding to cancer-causing chemicals in the colon.

Guavas are one of the richest sources of dietary fibre in comparison to other fruits and just 1 fruit fulfills about 12% of your daily recommended intake of fibre, which makes it extremely beneficial for your digestive health. Guava seeds, if ingested whole or chewed, serve as excellent laxatives too, helping the formation of healthy bowel movements.




Due to the rich fibre content and low glycaemic index, guavas prevent the development of diabetes. While the low glycemic index inhibits a sudden spike in sugar levels, the fibre content ensures the sugar levels are well regulated.


mind & body

Guavas contain vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 (also known as niacin and pyridoxine), which help in improving blood circulation to the brain, stimulating cognitive function and relaxing the nerves.

The magnesium present in guavas also helps to relax the muscles and nerves of the body. So after a long day at the office, a guava can help you combat stress and give your system a good energy boost.


weight loss

Want to shed a few pounds? Guava is just the ticket. Without compromising your intake of proteins, vitamins and fibre, guava helps you lose weight by regulating your metabolism. It’s a win-win! Guava makes for a very filling snack and satisfies the appetite very easily. Guava, especially raw guava, also has far less sugar as compared to apples, oranges, grapes, and other fruits.













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